Luxury yachts diving

“Luxury Yachts diving” was born in 1999 to offer a personalized service to a demanding and discreet clientele.

Conveniently based inside the Marina of Portorotondo, alongside the Yacht Club, our skilled team of diving professionals, with decades of scuba experience in these waters and trained in personalized diving services, delivers carefully planned diving solutions efficiently tailored to the needs and plans of our guests.


Our rubber boat with scuba equipment and authorizations  will reach you where requested, from Lavezzi, through the National Marine Park of La Maddalena to the Marine Protected Area of Tavolara. 


If you like to dive around Sardinia, far from our area, our instructors can join you and guide you through the most beautiful dives around the Island.

The diving center will provide all the autorizations needed to dive inside the marine parks.


We organize private diving courses as well and they can be done in the sea or in private pools.

“Luxury diving” guarantees professionalism, punctuality, fun and discretion.

We realize our clients wishes and we keep on increasing the personalized services’ quality and reliability thanks to the acknowledgements achieved in the past years.

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